Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation, colonic, high colonic, colon cleanse, colon detox, colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs. By introducing temperature regulated and highly filtered water (particle filters, carbon filters, and ultra violet light, at Petaluma Healing Arts) into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis. The gentle and repeated flushing with water 'hydrates' hardened waste materials. Thus the specific professional title: colon ‘hydro’therapy. This is the process of cleansing the colon.

Colon hydrotherapy is best used in combination with adequate nutrient and fluid intake as well as exercise.

Today's sophisticated technology promotes both the safety and sanitation of this popular cleansing practice.

Flex Steam Colon Hydrotherapy

Pressure operated colon hydrotherapy unit FLEX STREAM

Big LCD screen with all-around parameters indication: set temperature, present temperature, therapy time, flow rate, cumulated water volume, mode, sate and alarm.

No installation needed: pure water storage bottle with big capacityinside the cabinet, no need to connect to tap water, easily movable from one room to another, adapt to various places in hospitals or clinics, especially a place without tap water connection. (purification system and UV treatment system are option items)

Adapt to 3 types of nozzle: Speculum, long intrusive anal tube (transverse colon can be reached), and non-intrusive nozzle.

Close system: No open evacuation and no offensive odors

Three operation modes: Free run mode, Volume mode, Time mode

Ozone sterilization: Ozone water can be produced for sterilization of surface skin and vulve etc.

Flow control system: Flow can be adjusted according to different needs

Temperature control system: preheating to the set temperature in 10 seconds, temperature can be adjusted between the ranges of 37 –42 degree