Cardiovascular Disease

Research shows that Ayurvedic treatments effect a marked improvement in lipid profile after therapies. In treating heart disease, Ayurvedic physicians use several methods including Panchakarma to reduce the generation of free radicals, which can contribute to the disease process in the arteries and heart.


Various therapies are used to relax the body and stimulate the cardiovascular system. Herbs are used in various combinations to reduce hypertension and regulate blood pressure.


Panchkarma is Ayurveda's normal therapy for this rampant disease, so often the precursor to heart conditions. This cleansing program is of great help in reducing blood sugar levels.


Physiotherapy, accompanied by herbal medication can alleviate the symptoms of a paralytic stroke. The vigorous body massages preventthe inactive muscles from atrophying and helps to improve the circulatory system.

Lower back, neck, knee and other localized chronic pains:

At Kala Ashram, herbal oils and massages of different kinds are used to treat localized and chronic pains.

Curative Treatments

Kala Ashram assists in treating the following conditions:


Kala Ashram's Ayurvedic therapies promote balanced long-term weight management and the approach includes dietary considerations, herbal remedies and body massage.


Our therapies balance the mental and physical energies of guests. This enables the individual to harness his/her inherent universal intelligence to enjoy a natural following stress life.


Ayurveda offers excellent remedies for the treatment of chronic depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraine and other psychosomatic disorders.